pagerduty- Client library for PagerDuty Integration and REST APIs.

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Schedule overrides are custom, non-recurring exceptions to your regular on-call schedules. Use them when your team members go on vacation, swap shifts, or when you simply cannot achieve your normal scheduling with recurring layers.



List Overrides

data ListOverrides


Eq ListOverrides 
Show ListOverrides 
ToJSON ListOverrides 
HasDatatypeInfo ListOverrides 
Generic ListOverrides 
QueryLike ListOverrides 
type Code ListOverrides 



:: ScheduleId 
-> Date


-> Date


-> Request ListOverrides s [Override] 

List overrides for a given time range.

GET /schedules/:schedule_id/overrides


lsSince :: Lens' (Request ListOverrides s b) UTCTime

The start time of the date range you want to retrieve override for.

The maximum date range queryable is 3 months.

lsUntil :: Lens' (Request ListOverrides s b) UTCTime

The end time of the date range you want to retrieve override for.

lsEditable :: Lens' (Request ListOverrides s b) Bool

When True, only editable overrides will be returned.

The result will onlyinclude the id the override if this parameter is present. Only future overrides are editable.

Default: 'False.'

lsOverflow :: Lens' (Request ListOverrides s b) Bool

Any on-call schedule entries that pass the date range bounds will be truncated at the bounds, unless lsEditable .~ True is specified.

Default: 'False.'

Create Override


Create an override for a specific user covering the specified time range. If you create an override on top of an existing one, the last created override will have priority.

If no time zone information is present in the since and until parameters, the schedule's time zone will be used.

Note: You cannot create overrides in the past.

POST /schedules/:schedule_id/overrides


coUserId :: Lens' (Request CreateOverride s b) UserId

The ID of the user who will be on call for the duration of the override.

coStart :: Lens' (Request CreateOverride s b) UTCTime

The start date and time for the override.

coEnd :: Lens' (Request CreateOverride s b) UTCTime

The end date and time for the override.

Delete Override

deleteOverride :: ScheduleId -> OverrideId -> Request Empty s Empty

Remove an override.

You cannot remove a past override. If the override start time is before the current time, but the end time is after the current time, the override will be truncated to the current time. If the override is truncated, the status code will be 200 OK, as opposed to a 204 No Content for a successful delete.

DELETE /schedules/:schedule_id/overrides/:id



class HasUserInfo a where

Minimal complete definition



userInfo :: Lens' a UserInfo

uId :: Lens' a UserId

The id of the user.

uName :: Lens' a Text

The name of the user.

uEmail :: Lens' a Address

The user's email address.

uColor :: Lens' a Text

The color used to represent the user in schedules.

uTimeZone :: Lens' a TimeZone

The user's personal time zone.


oStart :: Lens' Override Date

oEnd :: Lens' Override Date