Gogol Preview Release

As a continuation of my master plan to erode legitimate reasons for management rejection of languages like Haskell (due to say, library availability), I’m pleased to announce the initial release of gogol - a Haskell suite of libraries for interacting with the publicly available Google Service APIs. These libraries are generated from the Google Discovery Service and provided interface is stylistically similar to the amazonka libraries, with separate libraries per API endpoint, the ability to construct a request from the minimum required fields using a smart constructor, and a very lens oriented interface.

Due to the namespacing of the Google API and how products are aligned in the documentation, library names are somewhat non-intuitive. For example: The androidpublisher API endpoint is branded as the Google Play Developer API, with the corresponding Haskell library being named gogol-android-publisher. This scheme follows the official client(s), and hopefully the inline Haddock links and description provided are sufficient to determine which libraries match with what product.

The libraries can be obtained from:

Please keep in mind it’s still a work in progress and I’ll be working over the coming weeks to iron out some of the rougher edges, as well as adding more examples and documentation.